HP A-Serien

# Enable IPv6, disabled by default

interface vlan-interface 2
  # Configure a global IPv6 address
  ipv6 address 2001:db8:10::1/64

  # Disable RA message suppression
  undo ipv6 nd ra halt

  # Set M and O flag to 1, i.e. enable stateful autoconfiguration
  ipv6 nd autoconfig managed-address-flag
  ipv6 nd autoconfig other-flag

  # Disable SLAAC for a specific prefix
  ipv6 nd ra prefix 2001:db8:10::/64 100 10 no-autoconfig

  # Enable DHCPv6 relay
  ipv6 dhcp relay server-address 2001:db8:11::2

# Enable OSPFv3

# Assign VLAN2 to backbone area
interface vlan-interface 2
  ospfv3 1 area 0